Thursday, July 21, 2011

Say Cchheessseee!!!

So a really good friend of mine is a great photographer so for her birthday I wanted to suprise her with you guessed it a camera cake.  I knew she had a Nikon so my first step with to study the features of the camera.  After a quick trip to Best Buy I came home prepared to get started.  I bake a standard sheet cake and shaped the camera from that.

Once I was satisfied with the proportions I iced the white cake with buttercream.  After the icing was applied, I colored some marshmellow foundant black and covered the cake with it.

Now with the cake covered it was time to add the details.  When it came to choosing what to add, I wanted to focus on the parts of the camera that made it a Nikon.  So I added buttons here and there, some gray foundant for the screen, a little red, and a strap.  Below you can find a picture of the finished product.

I think it goes without saying that my friend Crisite loved her cake and I enjoyed giving it to her. :)