Saturday, October 1, 2011

Under the Sea Adventure....

A friend's daughter is in love with Ariel right now so of course she was the theme of this year's birthday party.  For this cake I returned to the use of a candy mold as the centerpiece.  I purchased an Ariel cake pan from a craft store and began building the mold.

For her hair I purchased red candy melts and I bought white candy melts again and added the dye to get the other colors.  The finished product can be found above.

I wanted to place Ariel under water so I needed to make some fishes.  After mixing up some gum paste I cut some fishes out using a cookie cutter.

I painted the fishes with a brush with some dye colors I thinned out with vanilla extract.  I then dyed the rest of the gum paste green and cut out some thick inch strips to create sea weed.

Above you will find the finished cake.  For the sand I crushed up to graham crackers.  The bubbles were created by cutting circles out of gum paste and gluing them onto candy sticks using melted white chocolate.  When it came to the party Iris, the birthday girl would not allow anyone to eat the fishes, her name, and ofcourse Ariel and to this day all of the items remain in the freezer untouched. :)