Monday, February 7, 2011

The cakes so far....

This was my first attempt at a fondant cake.  My friend is a huge of the Boston Celtics.  So to mark his birthday I made this jersey cake.  I took a strawberry sheet cake and carved it in the shape of a jersey.  I actually cut the numbers, letters, and clover with a standard kitchen knife. LOL. Just like a pro. ;)

My best friends birthday cake.  This one was all strawberry.  I enjoyed the different shades of green and purple.

This Dora inspired cake was for a 3 year old birthday party.  Having to work with so many colors was somewhat difficult.  Especially since I color the fondant by hand which hands are usually dyed several colors when everything is said and done.  If I remember correctly the top cake was white and the bottom cake chocolate.

My little sister's 21st birthday cake.  Also my first attempt at making a red velvet cake from scratch.  I had no idea you needed so much red dye for it.  Lesson learned.  Also my first attempt at making a bow.  An absolute failure if I must say so myself.

Cake I made for a Halloween party obviously.  I LOVED the way the purple came out.  This one was quite fun to make.  It have everything from ghosts to pumpkins to tombstones.

The Thanksgiving cake.  This cake was my first attempt at making a pumkin spice cake.  It turned out to be very delicious.  The dark brown is actually melted chocolate.  This was my first attempt at doing something really 3D.  Definite lessons learned here.

The Chirstmas cake.  One of my favorites thus far.  This was also my first attempt with icing borders.  The bow still didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it.  Still having difficulty with bows and having them stand upright.  Oh well.

My niece's 1st birthday cake.  Wasn't sure about the finished product but everyone thought it was yummy. :)

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  1. They all look really yummy. Especially the Red Velvet. Yum.