Saturday, April 16, 2011

Elmo Cake

So my coworker's son is in love with Elmo so of course for his second birthday she asked me to make him an Elmo cake.

My niece had an Elmo cake once so I knew there was a cake pan out there somewhere.  So I searched the web for a little inspiration and found that you could make a candy mold using the cake pan.  With that in mind I began to design the cake.

When it comes to candy molds I had never made one to this scale.  I had made smaller candy molds in the past for lollipops and such but this one was going to be a little more difficult.  Since Elmo's face isn't all one color you have to freeze the mold in several stages, piece by piece.  Before I began the mold though I bought red chocolate melts which you can find at any craft store and I also bought white chocolate melts.  Also I bought candy dyes to color the white chocolate black for Elmo's eyes and orange for his nose.

Making a candy mold is very time consuming but if you do it just right they usually make a great centerpiece to any cake. 

One piece of advice though when you're making candy molds after you place the chocolate into the mold make sure to tap the pan to release any air bubbles that might be in the mixture.

As you can see I'm a little too much fun with his face but notice just how big this mold is.

For the front of cake I made sort of a Sesame Street sign with her son's name.

Here is the end product.  I molded to hands out of red fondant to make it seem as if Elmo was jumping out of the cake.  Also you can't see the back of the cake but I just added shapes and numbers in primary colors.  The birthday and his family loved the cake and needless to say I have already been asked to make his next birthday cake. :)

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