Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie Lovers Cake

So this year my roommate's birthday happened to fall on the night of the Oscars.  One thing about him that you must know is that he absolutely loves watching movies.  With that being said of course I had to make him a movie themed cake.  The only thing he requested from me was that the cake be marble. 
The cake was to be covered with white fondant.  Surrounding the base of the cake were hand rolled marbles.

Next, I colored some fondant red.  My hopes were to create a red carpet of sorts on top of the cake.

Once the cake was topped and trimmed with red I turned my attention to the objects that were to be placed on top. 
One of the problems I run into when it comes to placing objects on top is how to support the weight of the objects.  With this cake that object was the movie theatre screen.  It turned out to be heavier than I thought.  At times like this I find myself turning to popsicle sticks and praying that it works out.  In the end, this was the final product.
I think it's safe to say that Alan loved the cake.  Happy Birthday A.C....the BEST roommie ever! :)

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