Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last minute request....

On my way home from work my friend called me and asked if I could make him a cake for his birthday.   There was one problem though.  He wanted the cake early Sunday.  That being the case, I needed to work fast.  Especially since I planned on going out of town Saturday.  So, I got right to work that night.  My friend loves cars so we decided on a Ferrari logo cake.  I baked him a two layer strawberry cake using my 12 inch rounds.
For my strawberry cakes I use a white cake mix with fresh strawberry pieces, strawberry gelatin, flour, and sugar.   While the cake was baking I worked on the Ferrari logo. 

I colored some gum paste black for the shield.  For all the pieces I used fondant.  The horse I drew onto the shield with edible black marker.   The cake was to be covered with red fondant.
Once the cake was covered I dusted the top part of the cake with edible yellow pearl dust.  I then decided to add a yellow ribbon border to the bottom of the cake.

In the end, everything worked out and my friend was very satisfied with the final product. :)

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